Anime Expo 2016 licenses

Posted on 3rd Jul 2016

Rokka  Fire Force  Hatsune Miku  Nisemonogatari  Rinchan Now  Gundam Thunderbolt


With the Anime Expo happening this weekend, all major manga publishers from USA announced new manga licenses (and some light novels too).


Here is a roundup of all announcements: 


Yen Press


Seven Seas


Dark Horse 




 Kodansha USA


 VIZ Media


I'm looking forward to reading Nisemonogatari and Rokka light novels and I'm really curious about the Hatsune Miku novel. I'm happy that Seven Seas decided to publish another light novel, although the chosen title was rather surprising.

As for the manga announcements, I'm only interested in "Species Domain", "Toppu GP", "The Water Dragon's Bride" and "Smokin' Parade". 


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