Susumu Katsumata

  • Birth date: December 27, 1943
  • Birth place: Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
  • Gender: Male

  • Comments:
    From Drawn & Quarterly:
    Susumu Katsumata began publishing comic strips in the legendary avant-garde magazine Garo (which also published his contemporaries Yoshihiro Tatsumi and Yoshiharu Tsuge) in 1965 while enrolled in the faculty of Science in Tokyo. He abandoned his studies in 1971 to become a professional comics artist, alternating the short humorous strips, upon which he built his reputation, with stories of a more personal nature in which he tenderly depicted the lives of peasants and farmers from his native region. In 2006, Susumu Katsumata won the 35th Japanese Cartoonists Association Award Grand prize for Red Snow.

    He died of melanoma in Ōta, Tokyo on December 3, 2007 (at the age of 63).

Published titles 2


Fukushima Devil Fish: Anti-Nuclear Manga
Red Snow